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Friday, March 18

aLL abOut L.O.V.E


tiny little thing dat can change everything...

what child needs the most, dats what LOVE also need..
even the childish behaviour seems okay wif LOVE..
be ourselves to the people we love is LOVE..
most importantly, every people is NOT PERFECT!
yet, they LOVE to be like dat
as they know dat...


someone is there to COMPLETE them!
i'm so sorry for being too childish..
i'm sorry for being not serious..

i'm sorry if i bring shame to you with my attitude!
i'm sorry for being over sensitive towards tiny little things...
i'm sorry dat i'm over reacted to small incidents..

I'M TRULY SORRY!!!! @____@
do know dat i LOVE u SO MUCH dat every time i pray, i always asked 
Allah to take my life first before u n my family..
coz i know dat i'll surely b DEAD before time if u r away first from me~


eihin farahin said...

aini,sedih la baca :( :(
da la lagu sdeh

ribenaPeaceGurl :) said...

sedey ek?

mmg nk soh sedey pown..huhuhu